Let’s Get Reading… in our homeschool

Reading is one of the those awesome subjects that appeals to almost anyone. Why not… when the written word is the gate to adventure, romance, mystery, and drama. Reading opens new worlds, and gives the gift of imagination.

Yet, as homeschoolers we often don’t realize or know just when the appropriate reading steps should take place. Even with saying that, I am thinking… some children will not fit into those “appropriate” reading readiness steps. Some children read sooner and others later… and that is just how God made us…perfectly individual.

However, there is are basic stages of reading readiness that most people follow as they learn to read. The ages may differ, but the process remains mostly unchanged. With that in mind, I found an awesome reading skills pyramid put out by my good friends at Time4Learning. In all my years of teaching chidlren, homeschooling, and even teaching college level teachers I have not run across a skills pyramid so well designed. This is something that every homeschool mom should have a copy of. Print it out and put it in your planner. It will help you remember some basic guidelines that you will find useful in the reading process.

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