Legal Information About Homeschooling

Laws regarding homeschooling vary from state to state. Before you begin homeschooling your child, look into the various laws that are established in your state. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with them, and then set up a plan to conform to these standards. If you initially set up your homeschool to support these laws, then you won’t waste time going back and restructuring your homeschool to meet them. Be wise and plan forward.

Remember, that you are a living representative of homeschooling. Though everyone homeschools a bit different, we need to maintain legal operation in our homeschool. This ensures that homeschoolers are respecting their place in the homeschooling community.

If you get a phone call…

1. If someone calls you stating that they are a government entity wanting to check on your homeschooling remember not to give information over the telephone. Make sure to get their name, the agency that they work with, why they are calling, and their return telephone number. Immediately call a legal representative and ask their opinion, giving them the information that you gained from the call.

If you have a home visit…

This is particularly intimidating, and has actually happened to us. You are under NO OBLIGATION to let them enter your home. You can POLITELY ask for their name, the reason for the visit, and the agency that they work for. Ask to see an ID badge. If they insist that they should be allowed entrance to your home, you can insist on a warrant. No one can enter a private home without a warrant. Most of the time, they are simply trying to scare you. Don’t be reactive, simply tell them that you are requesting a warrant. Don’t lose your temper, that will only give them a reason to think you are hiding something. You can also telephone your legal representation and let them speak to the visitor while they are at your door. If you arrange a meeting try to arrange for it to be at your attorneys office. Also, make sure to tape record any subsequent encounters.

Here are some great links to help you find out what your state laws are and other links that will support you if you need legal representation.

Homeschool Legal Advantage – helps the homeschooler know what their rights are. Member supported $65 for the first year.

Homeschool Legal Defense Association – great for links to what your state laws consist of. Also a membership supported legal defense program.

State Laws

Legislation Information – an undated summary of laws presented for state and national legislation.

Various Helpful Homeschool Organizations

South Eastern Home Educators

First Class Homeschool Ministries

National Home Education Research Institute

Messianic Homeschoolers Homeschool Support Group

Advanced Training Institute

Time4Learning Homeschool Forum

Homeschool Podcasts

Handling Legal Challenges

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