Learn Action and Being Verbs with a Game

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0 prophets chamber bathroomDistinguishing between action and being verbs can often be challenging for young learners. Try this action packed game to help your grammar students get a grasp on the types of verbs.

1. Have 40 index cards. Write action verbs (like hop, skip, jump, walk, run, twist, clap, leap, etc.)on 20 of them, and being verbs on the others.

2. Have kids line up in two lines like a relay race. Have a start and then a finish line.

3 Mix up the index cards, and then you stand on the side. When it’s time to go flash the cards, and the children who are first will have to follow the verb on the card to get to the finish line. When there is a being verb, the students will just stand still… when there is an action verb they will do that action. If you only have a few children, have them go through the stack of cards – going back and forth between the two lines… whoever finishes first is the winner!

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