Keeping Your Little Ones Engaged

I must admit… my children are not calm. It is just a fact. From the time they are born they are ready to move, curious, inquisitive, and play rough. My girls enjoy playing baseball with their brother, and all six love to wrestle with daddy. What can I say? They have mountains of energy, and just sitting still for hours on end just doesn’t suit them. So, it truly has been a challenge over the years to keep the little ones busy while the older children study. I typically use a few simple resources/tools to help me accomplish this. Though my youngest will be going into kindergarten this year… I will still have a lot of time left over to keep her engaged with something other than getting the older children distracted! Here’s a few of my basic resources…

1) Have a stack of really interesting (their favorite things) worksheets and color sheets. At the preschool age my little guys loved dot-to-dot. They were just learning how to count and this made them feel so big!

2) Have puzzles and other cool quiet games on hand that are ONLY allowed to be used during this time. (Limiting their use keeps the interest level high!) Tangrams are great for this as well!

3) Have a high interest preschool program available for them. We use Time4Learning and Spelling City to help us with this.

4)I have loads of folder games left from when I taught first grade at school. We use these educational games in the early years to help fill in the gaps while momma is helping brother or sister with school work.

5) Pull the puzzle portion out of the Sunday paper and laminate it (if it’s a good one). They can reuse the puzzle over and over. I did this while the paper was printing those really neat depth perception pictures, and where’s waldo… I have them laminated, and my kids love to play with these. If all else fails, the backside has basic comics on it… that’s always fun!

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