Keeping their brains active… School in the summer?

We typically aren’t homeschoolers that school in the summer. Summer is usually pretty sacred to me! I love to have time to get my mind and heart refreshed and renewed. Yet, my children do seem to forget some of what they learned during the year if we don’t do any schooling at all. This year I’ve settled on using the Internet to help keep their brains fresh while giving me a much needed respite from teaching. In years past, we have used the online curriculum that supplements our homeschool during the regular school term. This year, however, I am using Vocabulary Spelling City to help them keep their brains sharp.

Up until now, we have enjoyed this curriculum from a purely spelling point of view. I enter their lists, and they practice and test over them. Yet,  this summer I plan on taking advantage of the wide variety of specialized lists that Spelling city has to offer. They have lists that cover just about every math and science topic as well as lists for SAT Practice and even lists that help you learn the state capitals. There are really fun animated games that can be played, and even a test at the end. All of this can be monitored by the parent, and the software automatically keeps track of your child’s progress. That sounds like a winner to me!


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