Keep on Homeschooling… even when you don’t feel like it?

momsch plain (1)There are always days when homeschooling just seems like an insurmountable task. Days when you are sick, tired, overwhelmed, whatever… are days when you would rather be laid out doing nothing. Granted – as homeschoolers – taking a day to recuperate now and then is part of the blessing of homeschooling. Yet, sometimes a sickness or weariness just drags on and on… in those cases we just can’t stop. Somehow we have to dig deep, find the strength that only God can give, and go on.

Using resources that are motivating and easy for our kids to do on their own can also help with this. Great homeschooling curriculum is available to help you with this. Check out for info. In fact, teaching our children to be independent learners when we are well really pays off when we have times of adversity.

Sometimes, the trouble at home can be just so overwhelming that you just can’t school. If that is the case, don’t let it make you feel guilty. Just take the time you need away, and when you get back to schooled give it your all!

Homeschooling is designed to help us teach our children, you be the master… don’t let homeschooling master you!

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