It’s so scary… Preparing for college

homeschool high school
homeschool high school

I have to admit, as I am trying to help my oldest daughter prepare for college…I’m scared. I worry that what I’ve taught her over the years in ourhomeschool, just might not be enough. I also worry that I am missing a vital step somewhere. I’m sure it might all be because she is the first to graduate from our homeschool.  The first time for anything is always scary.

My daughter is a rising senior, and wants to eventually work as a librarian. We are having difficulty finding a college that has a supporting major.  On top of all that, we need to be able to get scholarships. Sports scholarships aren’t an option, so we have been trying to beef up on ACT/SAT test scores.

Other options that we are trying to keep in mind are taking CLEP tests for some of the courses that we will be taking this year.

So, am I alone, or are there others of you that are a bit scared of the whole high school to college transition?

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  1. EW says: Reply

    Generally, there aren’t undergraduate programs in library science. Instead, professional librarians complete a masters degree in library science. See for example San Jose State University’s program at

    1. Yes, I found that in my research. A local school told us that they could hire personnel for librarians once they complete a set number of credit hours in “media.” That’s the short range goal – long range would be the Masters.

  2. You’re certainly not alone! I think that’s why the population of families that continue homeschooling into the teen years is so slim. Most people seem to send their kids to school at this point in the journey.

    I’m worried, too, but also not. I’ve come to accept that there will be gaps in what I teach my children. There just will. After all, I’ve still got gaps in my education after years of school, college, and homeschooling! Einstein had gaps. I just hope I’ve taught them enough skills and enough wisdom and enough confidence that when they come to the gaps that they need to fill, they can fill them.

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