Invite Good Counsel

Ever feel alone in your homeschool adventure? Feel like you must be the only one making these mistakes? Do you battle with wondering if your children will make it in college? Does this sound familiar? Sure, most homeschool parent have the same worries.

Yet, even though we worry about these things, or see other homeschool families that look like they have rocket scientists for children… we don’t need to avoid asking for counsel. Find a good friend whose opinion is NOT biased. Ask them how you seem to be doing, inviting counsel can illuminate sin or weakness in our lives. A dose of honesty never hurts.

It’s also very important that homeschoolers not “compare” themselves with others. Looking at how “good” others appear to be doing will only cause you to look at your perceived weaknesses with an attitude of failure. We look at our peers and think that everyone is doing a perfect job, while we are floundering. Ahhh…. if we could only look into our neighbor’s heart… we would see that they have the same struggles and that each homeschool has it’s own set of flaws. None of us are perfect! When we compare ourselves to others as a measurement of our success, we are falling into Satan’s trap. Look at others for inspiration, not discouragement. Have your own goals for success in your homeschool, and when you meet those goals – you will have met your level of success! Don’t forget to celebrate when you do!

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  1. Like many homeschooling families, sometimes I feel like we are never home, other times I feel like we never leave…LOL. I find my best advice comes from my kids themselves.

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