Inspire, Not Require

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Momschool (1)“Force in learning kills the spirit, dampens the passion and destroys the zest and life of learning. Force trains followers not leaders. ”

By setting our children to follow a “set” acceptable order of study do we dampen their natural zeal for learning? Children will naturally show a preference for certain areas of subject matter…so when we expect them to learn and study what we feel is important and make them pursue their own interests on their own time… does that discourage them? Don’t get me wrong… I’m not for letting my children study turtles all day to the neglect of their math or language study. Yet, I do believe that we could find a more common ground than is typical. For example, I will encourage my children to delve deeper into subjects in which they find a particular interest. We continue to study math and grammar… yet, encourage them to pursue things that they find intriguing.  I am hoping to train my children to be leaders, to find their strengths and to pursue them. How do you encourage your children in what they love?

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  1. I believe in teaching to their strengths. We cover everything necessary, but we want to nurture the gifts and bent God has given each of our children so that they can serve Him better.

    ~ Danika

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