How do I begin homeschooling?

momSCHOOLThe best place to start when considering homeschooling, is to check out your state’s homeschool laws. Each state has different laws concerning homeschoolers. To be honest, most states are really quite homeschool friendly… but there are a few that can really put a homeschool family through the ringer!

Of course, my first stop when helping someone decide about homeschooling is to check out the HSLDA’s webpage on Homeschool Laws by State. You’ll get up to date information and exactly what you need to know to fulfill those homeschool requirements.

Once you’ve taken care of step 1… I encourage you to sit down with your child and get to know how they learn. This can be accomplished by reading together, doing a puzzle together, finding a free online demo of a homeschool curriculum and trying it together. In any case, you want to see how they learn, how they think, and most importantly their strengths and weaknesses!

Once you’ve taken time to figure these out… you’ve gotten pretty far! …Not to mention you are now armed with some important information… just what makes your child tick. It’s vital that you use this information as you search for a homeschool curriculum that meets your family’s needs. Take your time, read curriculum reviews, try curriculum demos, print out example copies… do whatever it takes to find something you feel absolutely comfortable with!

I would also begin setting up an area that you plan on using to homeschool. The ideal is a designated room that you can leave at the end of the schooling day… I personally found that this helped me to be “off.” Otherwise I was “momteacher” 24/7 and felt like I had to work on lesson plans etc. everytime I looked at them.

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