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giraffe-660290_1280According to a study by the NCES in 2008, homeschooling has been growing about 8% each year during the last 4 years. This study left out a few important homeschooling groups when calculating the total number of homeschoolers in the U.S. If we take into consideration these other groups such as homeschoolers enrolled in pulic school homeschool programs, this would cause their initial number to jump drastically from 1.5 million to 2 million. Two-million homeschoolers in 2008! Most researchers also contend that homeschooling is the fastest growing form of education in America – second only to online courses offered by colleges. (In my opinion, those two woud definitely have a correlation!)

Homeschooling is a big change, especially if you have been attending a typical school. The first few steps you take after you decide to homeschool will be a little intimidating. Yet, take up the challenge and make those steps! You will definitely not regret it.

Change is always difficult, whether its a new job, a new house, a new baby, a new way to educate would be no different. Just remember, though this adventure called homeschooling may be a change, it can be great!

The landscape of homeschooling in America is definitely changing for the better. In fact, many major U.S. colleges and universities are seeking out homeschool students. They have come to realize that in most situations, these students seem to be superior to the average “schooled” child.

So, homeschooling is no longer the “oddball’s” method of educating their children. Homeschooling is a freedom based movement… a grassroots movement to take back our children’s education. Let’s join the movement…

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