Homeschooling Second Grade

Second grade

Second gradeSecond grade… definitely a magic year! I have always loved teaching 2nd grade, but do I say that about every grade? hmm… maybe!

Of course, second grade is a year full of big things. Students are becoming more advanced and fluent readers, math skills are being sharpened daily, writing often moves to cursive (if you didn’t start that way) as fine motor skills are developed, science skills broaden, and a greater understanding of the world around them grows.

Second Grade Bible

For Bible I typically use a curriculum that I can adapt to more than one grade at a time. This year, we went through the entire Old Testament with ABEKA’s Flash-a-card series. Other curriculum that I have used that I loved was the Positive Action for Christ series.

Language Arts for Second Grade

Typically the second grade student is ready for more challenging reading material, however, you may need to review some of the basics for phonics. You can use my free printable Phonics charts here. If you are ready for more advanced reading, review of the consonant digraph charts would be very helpful. In fact, we review these almost every day throughout second grade. Of course, as your student progresses use books from the library that are reading level graded to help your student with fluency. We also use accompanying worksheets that help cement these special sounds.

Special sound Worksheets

Short Videos for each Special Sound

More Great Worksheets for the Chart Sounds

Second Grade Arithmetic

This year in addition to reviewing addition and subtraction facts almost every day, we also used the ABEKA second grade math workbook. However, for my older daughter we used the Saxon Math for second grade. Both of these are excellent curriculum and will definitely give you a comprehensive coverage of the skills needed for second grade. We also start in to multiplication and division by the end of second grade. I love to use background ways to get the material stuck in their head instead of boring repetition. We’ve used YouTube kids videos on multiplication as well as several great apps.

Spelling for Second Grade

Though we usually use abeka’s spelling and word lists, we access them through Vocabulary and Spelling City. I wonder if I’ve mentioned how much time Spelling City saves me??? Yes, I use it for all my different grade levels, and it gives them drill and practice as well as tests them at the end of each week.

Writing for Second Grade

Some people have an entire curriculum just for handwriting. Though I believe it is important, I don’t give grades on this. I like to use spelling words written by hand 2 times each day as a writing practice. I also try to make them be neat and legible on their other workbook pages which also gives them writing practice.

Creative Writing

There are alot of sites that give great writing prompts for early elementary. One site that I enjoy is They have free printables for a lot of things, and if I can’t find something in particular I usually just google it. LOL! But truly, I usually find it in the first few search results.

Second Grade Science

As we’ve done for the past several years, we’ve been working through Apologia’s Swimming Creatures. It’s really a great curriculum, and we’ve enjoyed making our own folder notebooks to go along with it.

Second Grade History

We’ve used several different kinds of history for second grade, and enjoyed most of them. We are still currently working through the Liberty’s Kids videos, and then as we finish those we will continue in a chronological study of the history of the United States. We have used the Time Traveler’s CD’s in the past and have greatly enjoyed those. We also love Drive Thru History! Just for fun – we sometimes watch the Histeria! cartoon… loose translation of history!

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