Homeschooling is great, but what about my career?


momschool9Homeschooling is a great sacrifice of time for the parent. However, just because you stay at home doesn’t mean that you are sitting idle and watching the world go by. Some of the most educated people I know are stay at home, homeschooling parents.

I have heard people comment about the talent that “so and so” is wasting by staying at home and homeschooling their children. I have to assert that that is ridiculous! What talent could that person be passing on to their children by staying at home? If a person is teaching and investing in their children, their personal talent isn’t being wasted it is being proliferated.

Just because you stay at home, doesn’t mean that you can’t use the innate gifts and talents that you have to earn income. Entrepreneurialism is a fundamental part of the homeschooling community. If parents believe that their children should be at home, the belief that the whole family should be at home runs closely parallel. Using your talents to benefit your family, while you are at home homeschooling is an awesome opportunity. Truthfully, those families that are able to do this have more time together, and are able to be less rushed in their daily lives. Another parallel is that the more education you have the greater chance you have to be able to telecommute with your company. (This really supports college education!)

Working at home is mushrooming, and homeschool parents are a large part of the movement. Don’t be discouraged that you aren’t part of corporate America, be thankful. You don’t face rush hour, you face your children; and you don’t have to listen to your coworkers talk about the great weekend they had, you can have a great time with your kids every day!

Pass on some of those great talents to your children by finding influential ways to teach them what you know. Business managers are great at teaching their kids how to start small businesses or how to manage their money. Teachers are great at showing their children how to work with each other and by showing the older children how to teach the younger. Dad’s in construction can teach their sons a beneficial life skill and even get them involved in the business. It is a non-typical model than what most modern Americans are used to…yet, it works.

Homeschooing is a great place to invest your career, and your children will be the beneficiaries.

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