Homeschooling High School

Homeschooling High school students isn’t easy!

High school is crunch time… it’s the beginning of responsible adulthood… High school students are faced with a myriad of decisions from what course of study to follow to getting a job –  to what college to attend. One of those decisions includes what standardized test to take.

Initially, students should take whichever test is required by the college they wish to attend. Before taking your SAT or ACT be sure to check with the college you plan to attend to see if they have a preference.  However, taking each test can be beneficial, yet most students don’t know the difference between the two tests.

Just as an additional fyi point, I am having my children take the tests several times. This will give them more confidence, and will help them obtain a better score in the long run. Since we are a homeschool family their college admission will rely heavily on these tests.

A Break Down of ACT and SAT testing for homeschooling high school

To break it down, the ACT test includes the following.

25% reading

25% English

25% math

25% science/reasoning

The ACT does not have a required essay section.

So, if your high schooler struggles with writing this may be the test to take. Though it includes science, it presents facts and concepts and then requires students to make logical conclusions.

The SAT is presented a little differently and consists of:

50% reading

25% math

25% essay section

The SAT does not include a science module, which might be the choice for students who don’t care for science. However, the essay section requires a great deal of thought. If you plan on using the SAT make sure to plan plenty of time for essay preparation. Try to encourage your student to write at least an essay a day for a month before taking the SAT test. This will enable them to easily and without stress – write their SAT essays!

For more great information on homeschooling high school – check out one of my favorite sites… Let’s Homeschool High School!

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