Bustin’ Burnout Blues

Yes, stay at home moms, working homeschool moms, and even homeschooling dads can face burnout. Is there a way to keep ourselves intact before we become a casualty? Sure there are great ways… stick around and we’ll talk about a few!

1)Delegating is a great way to find the help you need! If things are causing you to feel overwhelmed ask for help from your husband or older children. You can apply this to every aspect of your home life – from homeschooling to laundry. If you have trouble getting the kids to get on the ball, give them an incentive. Assign chores, yet reward them if they do their jobs!

2) Teach your children how to learn on their own. Some parents think if they don’t sit with their child all day every day and teach them everything they need to know… they won’t learn it. Truthfully, those parents are doing their children a world of hurt. They are not teaching them how to be self-sufficient. If you can encourage your children to be independent learners, they will always be able to do school – even if you are not able to be around. This is also a gift that will serve them well once they arrive at college.

3) Find a parent homeschooling support group. There are homeschool groups throughout the country, and supportive parents that go with almost every one. If perchance you are far from a group, get online. There are tons of great homeschool groups within the touch of a button.

4)Take a field trip… sometimes the best thing you can do for the day is to just take a break! Go somewhere and explore and enjoy yourselves!

5) Use a homeschool co – op… you can find a co – op that teaches certain subjects that your children need this year. If it has become overwhelming, you can delegate some of your teaching authority to the co op teacher. Yet, typically with a co-op mothers who aren’t teaching must contribute somehow to the group. Keep this in mind…

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  1. To prevent burnouts, Time management and organization are vital study skills in a homeschool setting.

    Learning to stick with a schedule gives you breathing room and almost a feeling that you have just created extra hours in your day.


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