5 Ways to Incorporate Elementary Composition


Children are imaginative and creative by nature. This imagination and creativity are taken away as the child ages and if the child does not have to use his/her imagination. We should begin encouarging creative writing at a very early age, so that our children can get full benefit of their creativity.

Children write about the things that they know or can imagine. The subject material that they begin to compose should be drawn from these. There are a few guidelines to helping your elementary age child get the most out of their writing experience.

1) Have a regular time that your child writes. If they write at the same time each day or week, it will eventually become a habit.  A great habit at that!

2)Help your children discover what it is that inspires them to write. Use this as a springboard for each writing session.

3) Encourage your children to see writing as a process that includes planning/researching, composing/writing, rewriting, and editing. Help them realize that a good piece of writing will go through many revisions.

4) A good writer is a fluent writer.  If your child is writing daily or weekly, you can choose a few of these typical assignments to revise and rework and give them a polishing suitable for a public audience.

5) Encourage your child to write for an audience. A peer group works well for live demonstrations, however, allowing your child to write a blog – on a safe place such as homeschool blogger .com would give them an audience and a creative platform.

6) Focus on content when you assess a child’s writing. You want them to work on gaining awesome content in their projects. Check the grammar and punctuation last – you don’t want to discourage their writing just as they are getting started.

7)The success of writing should be measured by how it meets its intended purpose. What was the writer trying to accomplish with the composition? If this is met – then they have achieved their goal.

Referenced from The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling

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