Math Curriculum

Math is one of those subjects that can elicit a love/hate response from almost anyone. Yet, math has really gotten an underserved reputation. Even if you are a math hater, you can teach your children to love and excel in math. If you lack knowledge in this area, find a curriculum to fill that gap for you, but just remember one thing – don’t pass on preconceived ideas to your children. Allow them to form their own opinion about a subject. Stay positive and don’t discourage them with negative comments about your view of the subject. Give them the legacy of a positive outlook.

If you are new to homeschooling or have personal difficulty with math these curriculum options may be right for your family:
ABEKA Math DVD ACE Math Paces
Saxon MathTime4Learning online math

For struggling math learners:
Math U See
Alexs Math

Other math curriculum options great for homeschoolers:
Alpha Omega math
Sonlight curriculum
Teaching Textbooks for high school math
Singapore Math

Coming Soon for members only – How to teach math videos

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