Beginning Homeschool Step 1

The Three Baby Steps to Get You Started!

If you are serious about beginning to homeschool here are your first three baby steps. Start here before you do ANYTHING else!

  1. Research your state’s homeschool regulations. Homeschooling was made legal in all 50 states in 1993. So, we know you are allowed to homeschool, however, each state has the freedom to set their own guidelines for homeschoolers. Check with your state’s Department of Education website, and simply do a quick homeschool search. You should find a dedicated page that outlines what they require of homeschoolers. Once you’ve read it (and it hasn’t discouraged you), do your best to fulfill those requirements immediately.
  2. Observe your child. Get to know them “academically.” You’ve been their parent, but have you watched how they learn? Have you discovered what motivates them? Do you know what they are passionate about learning? You might want to use a sample curriculum to get an idea. (At this point DO NOT buy any curriculum.) There are some awesome online homeschool curriculum where you can create a demo for your child. I’d do this and take notes. Do they enjoy using technology? Would your child rather use paper/pencil and texts? Do they prefer to exhaustively study one subject before moving on to a different subject? Or do they enjoy the traditional schedule of studying various subjects each day? Remember homeschooling is all about the individual child – so tailor your schedule, method, and curriculum to fit them!
  3. Discover a curriculum that fits the needs of your child. With the rise of homeschool’s popularity, the development of high quality homeschool resources has skyrocketed. The problem we have today is sorting through the wealth of resources for the “few” that will fit our personal needs. Take some time here – ask for free samples – free demos. Finding a curriculum that fulfills all of your research in step #2 is crucial. I believe homeschool success is contingent on finding a curriculum that fulfills your goals and desires. Don’t just settle with the first one that you find or even one that someone else has used!




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