Complete Homeschool Curriculum

There are loads of options for the homeschooler. Yet, if you are just starting on this journey, using a complete curriculum might be the easiest option for you. Most of these complete options are read “out of box.” This means that you can open the box, and start right up.

These resources will typically include a quick start quide which enables you to begin your homeschooling immediately. You can jump in, and then learn as you go. Many of these options include:

However, I suggest a three step approach to success.

  1. Research homeschooling. Find out your state’s homeschool regulations, and then seek to fulfill them. Also, research what it requires to be a homeschooling parent. Read some of our articles here and see what we’re going through!
  2. Learn everything there is to know about your child. You are there parent, there isn’t another person in the world more qualified to meet your child’s needs than you! Just find out how they learn, what motivates them, and what they are passionate about learning.
  3. Discover curriculum that line up with your child’s characteristics. If you can find a curriculum that fits your goals and your student’s passion/motivation/learning abilities you are lined up for homeschool success!


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