Homeschool Headaches

Keep your plate from getting too full…

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Homeschool moms have the tendency to take on too many responsibilities in the desire to be a good mother, wife or even friend. Yet, loading up your proverbial plate is a sure way to get to that horrible place we often refer to as burnout!

A dear friend of mine after a conversation about how burdened and busy I felt, encouarged me to look at everything I had on that plate of mine… from homeschooling to church responsibilities… she also encouraged me to  refine the load on that plate. Critically look at what you have chosen to make part of your daily life… is it all necessary? Does it cause you stress? Do you hate doing it? Remove those things from your life that really aren’t necessary and that cause you stress. Keep those things that cause you to feel fulfilled and productive… (no – you can’t get rid of your children!)

You can’t operate at your peak unless you are able to do so with a clear focus on what you believe is worthwhile to maximizing your potential. God has given you many gifts,  but if you try to do too many things… none of those gifts will operate at their best.

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