Homeschool Grammar with Schoolhouse Rock

I have had to teach homeschool grammar 4 times so far, and am now working on my fifth child. Getting grammar concepts across to an early elementary school child is never easy… But I just realized who my best friend needs to be right now!

You guessed it… school house rock.  We went over subjects and verbs  with my second grader today, and it just was not clicking.  I tried all my teaching repertoire tools… To no avail… finally, I remembered how much I loved schoolhouse Rock when I was a kid, and how much those silly little songs helped me remember my parts of speech. We tried it, and I was amazed at how the light bulb went on.

I like to introduce grammar with some light Latin concepts while they are still young. For my other children it seemed to enable them to have a good foundation when the more complex concepts are being introduced. So far, with the help of Schoolhouse Rock videos we are well on our way to understanding the 4 basic parts of speech. Hooray!

Here are links to our favorites.

A Noun is a person, place, or thing!

Verb – that’s what’s a happening!







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  1. We love SchoolHouse Rock! Wait until you get to arithmetic (if you haven’t gotten there yet). “Three is the magic number!…”

    1. I was looking for places online that have episodes of Schoolhouse rock – I know my kids will appreciate it when they start their grammar lessons. 🙂 I actually found that all the episodes are available on Amazon Instant Video, and prime members can watch them free. I’m so excited for civics lessons now, too… “I’m just a bill…”

      1. They have most, if not all, on YouTube as well. Lots of fun!

  2. Janet says: Reply

    Those SchoolHouse Rock videos get a lot of use in our home. I know we can get them at the library (and we have), but I found some really inexpensive ones at Wal-Mart and bought them because I knew we would get a lot of use out of them.

    I read one of your other posts about Apologia. We use that for Science, also. Those are books we will be keeping a long time after we are done with them. My son likes to go back to them and just read through them.

    With all the different learning styles, we do need to get creative sometimes. I have a dd with Down syndrome who likes fun things for learning and a lot of repetition. We use My son also uses it for fun science experiments/games.

    1. Thanks Janet for stopping by… Learning games for kids is a great place to give kids drill and practice and still let them have fun! 🙂 Happy homeschooling!

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