Help I’m Drowning…Friday

Homeschoolers across the country will agree that even with the best laid plans, there are days that you just can’t do it all and sometimes you just can’t get to any of it. This week has been that way for us. We had a funeral and then a day of counseling to follow. Two very disrupted days don’t bode well for a schedule. In times like these… you have got to “just go with it!”

    Instead of making youself crazy by trying to do all the schoolwork you missed on those days in one big makeup day… just ask the children to do a little extra in those subjects this week. Don’t make it cumbersome. It isn’t anyone’s fault – life just took one of its crazy turns again!
  • Don’t allow yourself to get stressed. I found myself feeling rather stressed this morning because of all the things that I just didn’t get to from the previous two days. Just let it go. I have really only been able to do half of those things today… but IT”S OKAY! Your sanity as a mother is more important that pushing yourself beyond what is expected.
  • Sometimes it is more important to rest. Realize that you just can’t do it all. There are times when resting, taking a nap, or just holding a child can be more beneficial than pushing in some extra work.

In a country that is full of stress and pressure for every reason under the sun. We as homeschool moms have the unique opportuntiy to break free! Take the time to heed those nudges in your soul to slow down, appreciate your children, and SMILE!

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