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homeschool englishHigh school students need a solid and thorough understanding and ability in the writing process. They are in the middle of four years of having to write a myriad of assignments, but are perched on the beginning of college which requires daily writing and composition skills.

I don’t necessarily enjoy writing myself, I do it, I don’t mind it, but I don’t just LOOVVVEEE it. Yet, as a school teacher, and then later as I persued my doctorate I had to adapt to a consistent regular writing schedule. (Not to mention my adventures here at MomSchool,  and at Faith and a Full House, and MomFITNESS.)

I know from experience that the more you write, the better you get at it. Especially it if it combined with an avid reading program and essential skill building. There are many different curriculum options out there for high school writing. For building the basic essential skills, I like using the ABEKA grammar workbook. However, for writing we use the Institute for Excellence in Writing. My girls have advanced more this year since we started using this program than they have in a long time.

We also use a systematic vocabulary and spelling system over at Spelling and Vocabulary . com. In addition to intensive vocabulary and spelling study we also study Latin. Latin study enables us to understand and see clearly the roots that most of our English words are based on. The curriculum that we use for this study is Memoria Press’ Latin which consists of several levels.

Get proficient at writing an essay.  Your high school student will be soon taking his/her SAT/ACT test, having good writing skills, being an avid reader, and a comprehensive vocabulary is a must to taking these tests. If you can’t afford these programs or are looking for something free online, some good study resources are Major Tests dot com. I use this site for alot of my SAT prep tutoring. There are great resources for writing essays including practice tests.

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  1. I enjoyed your information.Perhaps, like I do on occasion, you make typographical errors , such as ” I use this site for alot of my SAT prep tutoring.” Even in America,
    “a lot” is two words. 🙂

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