Getting back to normal…


Wow! This summer has been insane! We have done alot of travelling, and are now finally settling down and getting back to normal. We just got back from our oldest daughter’s Senior trip. She and her best friend (along with both moms) started a business venture this summer and raised the money to go to the Caribbean. We didn’t really want to cruise, but our budget limited us to that option. It was a beautiful week, and we saw some beautiful sights.

Coming back home, to a pile of laundry and a ton of stuff to get ready for school… well, it’s just a little depressing…

This Monday will be our first day of homeschool for this school term. Yep, it’s a little late, but it’s just how the cookie crumbles. I’ve initiated a few changes to our regular schedule, and of course, added and changed the kid’s classes for this year. All in all it looks like a promising year, and I will post again this coming week to let you know how things went Monday, and to tell you all about our new schedule and system. Have a great weekend!


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