Get Through College Debt Free

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momschool - debt freeYep… it’s tough. Most think it’s pretty near impossible, but there are a few things that you can encourage your graduates to do to make it through without a mountain of debt.

  1. Take the SAT/ACT till you get a qualifying score. Yep – I know, it sounds daunting but it can be done. Be sure to take some test prep, and take high school courses that are college prep; it really is worth and has been proven to raise your test scores by 20%. If you can reach the minimum qualifying score for your state’s scholarship you’ve covered quite a bit of your college costs. That is if, you choose to attend college in your home state.
  2. Work. I know, it’s common in today’s culture to think that a college student just can’t work while attending classes. That is definitely not the case. In fact, studies have shown that students who work and attend college are diligent and typically get better grades not to mention have less debt when they finish.
  3. Apply for scholarships. Apply. Apply. Apply. Yep, and keep on applying. There’s a great list of quarterly scholarships over at Let’s Homeschool High School. Look through the list and apply for everyone that you think you might qualify for.
  4. CLEP. No that isn’t a scary disease, it’s a test that you can take that gives college credit. These credits are kept until transferred to the college you decide to attend. For about $150 you can get 3-12 hours of college credit with each test you take. CLEP credits are perfect for summer courses/credit.
  5. Choose a community college. Most often the cost of community college is substantially less than state universities. In today’s world it’s not a huge deal where you’ve gotten your college degree as long as it is a legitimate and respected institution.
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