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apologiascienceLapbooking fun…
We have been using the Apologia Science Curriculum for four years now, and we love it! It is engaging and fun, and is just perfect for homeschooling families with more than one grade level in their science class. Yet, for all of those four years, we have “notebooked” their lessons. This has been fun, but this year I thought I would change it up and add some excitement. So, we started using a premade lapbooking series for Apologia. I print the papers and the kids color and cut them out – fill in the appropriate information and glue them into their lapbooks.
Today was their first day of actually assembling pieces of the lapbook, and they loved it! After a bit of a harrowing time getting them to pay attention to the lesson today we needed something exciting.  It was fun, and they really seemed to remember their science facts! Hurray for a homeschooling victory! (The Lord sure knew I needed one victory this week! )

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