Finding Your Best Fit Curriculum Now!

momschool best fit curriculum

momschool best fit curriculumYeah, it’s August. For real… and time for those dreaded words… Back. To. School. (or home school – LOL!)

If you haven’t already, you may be on the hunt for the perfect curriculum for your home school. Sometimes I’ve already found it by now and I’m planning away my year. Other times (like this year) I’m still hunting.

When I’m deciding on a curriculum, I usually try to take a step (or several) back and get a glimpse of the big picture. I usually ask myself – What’s my goal? What is the purpose of our home school? What do I hope to get out of the curriculum I choose? Do I want an online curriculum or a textbook based curriculum? If I can nail down these questions – I’m usually well on my way to finding the curriculum that will work best for us.

A second vital aspect to finding your best fit curriculum is to KNOW your kids. How do they learn? Do they need to be hand on? Do they flourish under a workbook style method? Know this and you will find the key to unlocking their potential and a great homeschooling year.

Finally, research. Now that you are armed with the keys of what YOU want and how YOUR CHILD learns; you can research a curriculum and teaching methods that align with the two. There are a great number of curriculum directories that can help you find the curriculum your looking for. One I use alot is Let’s Homeschool High School.

If you need help with “How-to Homeschool” don’t worry – just ask questions. Find local friends or neighbors that home school and ask them how they do it – or better yet visit them on a homeschool day and see what they do! Email us or comment below – we would love to help you out!

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