Favorite Books for preschoolers

One of our favorite times of the day has been when it was story time. We have loved all sorts of books at our house. From Lilly’s purple plastic purse… to Ispy books… to Dinner at the Panda Palace… Each of our children have had their favorites… and there have been times that we have done fun little projects to go along with the stories that we read.

Recently we made little finger puppets and a house that went along with the family of pandas in the book “Dinner at the panda palace.” These cute little pandas and house can be found at the Toy Makers website. This website is wonderful for printing off a rainy day toy. My little ones have spent hours playing with their sets and finger puppets. But watch out… everything is so cute… you’ll want to print it all!

Short URL: http://tinyurl.com/h9nv4bs

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