Exercise Focuses Your Mind


GETSOMEEXERCISE!Are you getting a little crazy with the kid’s constant energy? Are they just unable to get quiet? It sounds like you need a little intervention. Let’s get ’em to focus!

STOP… Don’t stress yourself out any longer!!Take a break, go outside and get some exercise. It’s easy, go for a bike ride, a walk in the park, or just make them play “simon says” and incorporate jumping jacks and sit ups.  My best friend takes her son outside and plays catch while learning multiplication tables. Find something fun yet physically intense to do.

These amazing children of ours are supposed to have tons of energy. It’s how God fearfully and wonderfully made them! We just need to learn how to channel it meaningfully to get the most out of their potential.  There are studies that have been done on how exercise helps children to focus mentally. In fact, one study suggested that children who sat on a ball focused better on their school work. Interesting… (I just may try that one!) Either way, once a child can expend some of their pent up extra energy, focusing on homeschooling comes so much easier.

So, don’t continue the mindless wiggles… stop them now by exercising them out. Your day will probably go much smoother, not to mention a bit happier because of the fun time you had while exercising together.

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