Embracing Homeschool Change

I must admit when I first started on this homeschooling journey, I was pretty uptight. As a classroom teacher, I thought that my homeschool had to reflect a classroom. I was a good teacher, I had good classroom discipline, and my students always performed several levels above their grade. I thought it would be a cinch to homeschool 4 kids…

…Seven years later and I am no longer concerned about the “classroom”, and I realize that I can reach my children’s needs and their heart by educating them where they are. We don’t have to be a little school in our home. We are learning each day, in the way that is best for each child. I am now homeschooling six children and each one of them has their own learning preference. They each learn differently, and better in different situations.

Each subject can require a different type of teaching method as well. History and science are best done with projects and experiments. Math is taught by using manipulatives, and language and spelling can be reinforced through literature study.

Instead of worrying that I am not schooling if my children are not sitting in orderly rows in neat little desks, I am rejoicing that they are learning in the manner that fits their needs, and enables them to be their best. Becoming a more relaxed homeschooler has been a deliverance and a true blessing for our homeschool. Embrace that kind of change… it’s real and it’s good!

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  1. It took me a while to really “get” this concept. The younger half of my family is enjoying school much, much more than my older half did. 🙂

    1. I know it really did for me too! I think preconceived ideas and misconceptions limit us in our personal freedom to school in different ways… for me… I needed to lighten up a bit. We are having more fun and learning more!!

      1. TYVM you’ve solved all my pobrlems

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