Effective Spelling Strategies

Spelling ah… can you remember all those spelling tests? How about writing the words 3x every evening… We can definitely say, “You’ve come a long way wa, baby!” about this subject!

At our house, spelling is still vitally important, but it is completely different. We use an online program that allows me to enter my choice of spelling lists, but provides games, practice, and even sentence writing for each of these lists. To top it off… on Friday… the infamous test day… they take their tests online and it scores and records the grades for me. I must admit I love it. But not just because it has taken away the headache of teaching 5 levels of spelling. I love it because it supports what I believe are strategies for an effective spelling program.

1) It uses multiple strategies to teach the learner. A variety of games and learning tools is a must.

2)Words need to be used in the context of natural writing/communication. Sentence writing is part of the drill and practice.

3)It encourages the learner to self correct.

4)Gives them a multitude of opportunites to practice the words, so their success can out weigh any failures.

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  1. What program do you use, if you don’t mind my asking? We’ve used Spelling City and enjoyed it to a point.

    1. Yes, it’s spelling city…Do you have the premium version…it really allows me to do alot more than the standard one. My children are so much happier that they get to play games in lieu of writing their words 3x each!! 🙂

      1. Ah! Good deal. No, we don’t have the Premium version (it costs, correct?). I think with us, it’s getting on the computer…the kids weren’t used to getting on the computer for a subject and it often got left off the schedule. But spelling is definitely something that needs to be worked on in our HOME (not just ‘school’ lol). Maybe I’ll have a look at it again. Thanks!

        1. It does take extra time to get online, but with the improvements they have made…it’s worth it. 🙂

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