Does your Education FIT?


converseFor most of us, there was something about typical education that just didn’t fit. For whatever reason, we felt that we needed something different for our children’s education. Education is all about a good fit. Like a pair of shoes that may be too tight – you want to get out of those as quickly as you can. It almost seems like torture. 🙂 In the same light, when you have a great pair of shoes that fits wonderful… you get alot done – you can move well, you feel comfortable. So it is with homeschooling, you have a method of education that should fit you perfectly… and enable you to get so much more done! Yet, the key is to fit homeschooling to YOU!

It will never fit, and you will be limping around unable to get anything accomplished if you try to homeschool like someone else or try to make your family fit into some other family’s mold. Homeschool at your house, must fit you, your children, and your lifestyle. Once it does… it’ll be so comfortable and you’ll get so much done – you won’t want to quit!

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