Creative ways to Celebrate Pi Day

Sure, you’ve met him before… that innocent little number that is used by so many mathematicians. For the most part, he lives a fairly uncelebrated life… but not this year. This March the numbers work out just right so that our dear friend Pi is recognized in number on March 14 – in fact – 3/14/15 at 9:26:53.589 is the most digits we will be able to celebrate with Pi in our lifetime! So, have you made any amazing plans yet? Here are some of my favorites…

1)The first thing that I would do is to create a Pi Day lesson. Teaching my children at various levels the application of Pi to mathematics can be so much fun. (Math nerd here!) I like using free resources to draw my ideas from, like these Math Goodies.

You could even add in this cute Math Bites video!

2) You could make a Pi day bracelet, where you add beads according to the number/digits of pi! Thanks to momgineer for her great idea!

Pi Day Bracelet

3) You could create a work of art from a pi skyline picture! You simply use graph paper to create the skyline by coloring the number of blocks that coordinate to the digits in Pi. It’s fun and it teaches graphing skills! Copy that skyline to an art paper and paint a background or night sky… loads of fun! Thanks!

Math art with pi and graph paper

4) If neither of those pique your interest, check out this amazing Pi Day post with loads of great Pi Day fun!

5) You could read some great books about Pi!!

The Story of the Irrationals – Julian Havil


How to Be a Math Genius – by Mike Goldsmith


A Biography of the Worlds Most Mysterious Number – Alfred S Posementier

pi book






Why Pi? – Johnny Ball

why pi

Piece of Pi – Wit Sharpening Activities  by Naila Bokhari

piece of pi

Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi – Cindy Neuschwander


6) You could even make your own invitations! I love these!

Image result for come to the nerd side

7) Or have a cartoon contest – see who can come up with the funniest PI joke!
pi day fun











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