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  • Taking the First Step

    momschool first step

    Making that Decision to Homeschool You’ve been thinking about this for a long time, right? I did too! Finally, I took that first – most difficult – step! Starting down the homeschooling path isn’t easy, but it is a decision that will bring results. For many, beginning to homeschool was a decision that was fueled […]

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  • Top 5 Self Learner Tips

    homeschool learners

    I posted recently that we were going to incorporate some new ideas into this year’s homeschool education. With six chidren, it is always a struggle to stay on top of everything. Yet, in most every area of my life – I am on a constant search for methods, practices, gadgets, apps, etc. that will make […]

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  • Top 5 Must Do’s before you start your HOMESCHOOL

    It is the end of June. Sorry to have to state the obvious, but it never ceases to amaze me how fast the summer flies by. I enjoy the relaxed days of spending time with my children, and enjoying swimming and parks. The days really do just fly by, and before we know it – […]

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  • Holidays! – Learn to Crochet

    Over the next few weeks MomSCHOOL will be posting about easy and fun ways to get the kids involved in holiday preparation. Aren’t food, parties, and even gifts just that much more special when everyone has taken time to make them?  Sure, so let’s explore some fun and easy ways to make that possible! Let’s […]

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  • What are your Summer Homeschool Plans?

    Yes, it’s been one of those crazy years. You know… the kind where you feel like you are just making it by a hair’s breadth. There have been a lot of triumphs, but also a lot of tragedies. It’s just been a tough year. However, by God’s amazing grace (yet again) we will make it […]

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  • Russian Children’s Picture Bible Project

    I’m so excited to share with you all a project that I think is pretty amazing. I’ve had the real pleasure of knowing Dr. Bob and Sheila Doom for over 20 years. they recently shared with me a project on which they ( as part of the Russian Bible Society) have been working. A project […]

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  • Homeschool Curriculum Review – Saxon Phonics 1

    We started using the Saxon phonics program this year for our first grader. It has been different from what we are used to for first grade (ABEKA). However, there are alot of good things I can say about it. Pros – First of all it is a VERY comprehensive style of curriculum. The teachers spiral […]

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  • Getting back to normal…

    Wow! This summer has been insane! We have done alot of travelling, and are now finally settling down and getting back to normal. We just got back from our oldest daughter’s Senior trip. She and her best friend (along with both moms) started a business venture this summer and raised the money to go to […]

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  • Book Review: High School Prep Genius

    High School Prep Genius an Academic Guide to Excellence by Jean and Judah Burk is a beneficial tool for any parent with a  student entering high school. In fact, this book really took me by surprise! I was blown away by how MUCH material was here.  Each chapter is full of amazing content and tools […]

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  • Teaching History with Adventure!

    Yep… I make no bones about it… I love summer. Mostly because the daily boot camp that is my life on a typical school day is gone during those blissfully peaceful summer months. Yet, the teacher (and probably “Monk” tendencies) in me is concerned that my kids keep their brains active during the summer! So, […]