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  • 5 Surprising Ways to Summer School

    5 Suprising Ways to Summer School

    How can we make this summer different? How can we cover the gaps? How can we make up that course? How can I get a BREAK while the kids are still doing some learning? These are my questions this summer… I know –  I. NEED. A. BREAK.  – probably more than my kids need a break. […]

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  • 10 Ways to Instill a Love for Learning

    Momschool way to instill (1)

    Don’t you wish that just once you might hear a child say, “I really really want to learn about that!” My children and the children that I’ve taught over the years will often get interested in learning something once it’s been presented or once I’ve piqued their interest with a cliffhanger. Yet, to just request […]

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  • Printable Phonics Charts

        I know how difficult it can be to afford to buy curriculum, which is why I’ve made my own simple charts over the years. You can print these and have them laminated and they should last you for several children! Short Vowel Sounds Vowel/Consonant Blends Long Vowel Sounds   Help us continue making […]

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  • Let’s Get Started – Homeschooling Pre-K

    homeschool preschool

    I’ve never been a proponent of serious schooling at the PreK level. I believe at this age the child learns so much by playing, mimicking, and using their imagination. To push schooling would be a disservice to the child. However, with that being said some children are ready to get learning at this age and […]

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  • Homeschool Grammar… this is too much fun!

    homeschool grammar

    We’ve been studying the parts of speech with our fourth grader. She’s coming along, but some things are just not sticking. So, today – to help add that extra memorable detail to what I’ve taught her we reviewed our Parts of Speech with the School House Rock videos. I loved these as a kid, and […]

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  • 3 Homeschool Tips for Vocabulary Learning

    Sure, I know learning vocabulary is almost like a tradition in America. We’ve been writing our spelling and vocabulary words for decades. We’ve also been finding those science and history bold faced terms that sound like Greek, and trying to look them up. Vocabulary is everywhere… it’s in our math, our language arts, our science, […]

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  • 5 Ways to Build Your Vocabulary

    Everyone knows that the fundamental skill of learning is the ability to read and comprehend. Along with that is the concept of vocabulary building. When read and learn new words, our knowledge and skills increase. All this by simply understanding more vocabulary. To top it off… this learning shouldn’t stop when you graduate from high […]

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  • Homeschool Guide to Teaching Reading

    As a homeschool mom, I think the scariest thing to teach my kindergarten children was always reading. Yet,  I love to see the light come on when they finally are able to read! The problem is… it’s getting to that point that really can be overwhelming. I am currently on my last and final version […]

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  • Teaching Your Child How to Read – Part 2

    Teaching Your Child to Read!Part 2

    Vowels and consonants and blends In the first edition of our series on how to teach children how to read, we discussed the beginning steps of phonemic awareness. Many homeschooling moms are terrified of teaching their children to read, but taking one baby step at a time will naturally bring your child to the place […]

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  • 5 Ways to Incorporate Elementary Composition


    Children are imaginative and creative by nature. This imagination and creativity are taken away as the child ages and if the child does not have to use his/her imagination. We should begin encouarging creative writing at a very early age, so that our children can get full benefit of their creativity. Children write about the […]