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  • Teaching Intuitiveness in Every Day Learning

    Are you thinking… ??  What?? I know it sounds off the wall, but what I really mean is that we must teach our children the meaning, and the usefulness of math, language, science, and history… while we are teaching them. Research has shown that education today is very disjointed. High school students can add, subtract, […]

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  • Teaching Your Child How to Read – Part 3

    Baby Step 3 – Special Sounds, One Vowel and Two vowel rules, and 3 letter words By now your early learner is well on his or her way to reading. In fact, if they are anything like mine, they are already trying to jump ahead and read some. There may be some small words that […]

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  • Teaching Your Child How to Read – Part 2

    Teaching Your Child to Read!Part 2

    Vowels and consonants and blends In the first edition of our series on how to teach children how to read, we discussed the beginning steps of phonemic awareness. Many homeschooling moms are terrified of teaching their children to read, but taking one baby step at a time will naturally bring your child to the place […]

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  • Teaching Primary Language Arts

    Those beginning years as your child is developing his/her language and using it to create imaginative stories and interesting drawings are amazing. Those are the teachable moments to use as a springboard for the future. If you can get your very young child to create literary works and present them to an audience at a […]

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  • How to Teach Preschool Number Sense

    I love teaching preschoolers… they are always so full of energy… so inquisitive… and so challenging. They keep us on our toes, but they are so precious! Here is a free how to video on teaching preschoolers number sense. The video quality isn’t that great… but you’ll get the idea.  

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  • The Push for Preschool

    For some reason in the last decade preschool has been pushed down every new parent’s throat. Mom’s ask each other, where does your son/daughter attend? It has become astonishingly… a status symbol. “Do you send your little ones to the Royal Princes Learning  Academy? Oh… they’re the best.” The way I view things, this is […]