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  • Review of Science4Us and Time4Learning


    We’ve been homeschooling for (what seems like) a million years. LOL! Not really, but it’s been over 11. All of those years have been homeschooling 5 or more kiddos at once. If any of you are in that same boat, you know that it isn’t easy to get it all done without working smarter!  One […]

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  • Printable Phonics Charts

        I know how difficult it can be to afford to buy curriculum, which is why I’ve made my own simple charts over the years. You can print these and have them laminated and they should last you for several children! Short Vowel Sounds Vowel/Consonant Blends Long Vowel Sounds   Help us continue making […]

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  • Let’s Get Started – Homeschooling Pre-K

    homeschool preschool

    I’ve never been a proponent of serious schooling at the PreK level. I believe at this age the child learns so much by playing, mimicking, and using their imagination. To push schooling would be a disservice to the child. However, with that being said some children are ready to get learning at this age and […]

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  • Favorite Books for preschoolers

    One of our favorite times of the day has been when it was story time. We have loved all sorts of books at our house. From Lilly’s purple plastic purse… to Ispy books… to Dinner at the Panda Palace… Each of our children have had their favorites… and there have been times that we have […]

  • Preschool
  • Keeping Your Little Ones Engaged

    I must admit… my children are not calm. It is just a fact. From the time they are born they are ready to move, curious, inquisitive, and play rough. My girls enjoy playing baseball with their brother, and all six love to wrestle with daddy. What can I say? They have mountains of energy, and […]

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  • Keep on Homeschooling… even when you don’t feel like it?

    There are always days when homeschooling just seems like an insurmountable task. Days when you are sick, tired, overwhelmed, whatever… are days when you would rather be laid out doing nothing. Granted – as homeschoolers – taking a day to recuperate now and then is part of the blessing of homeschooling. Yet, sometimes a sickness […]

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  • Preschool Tree Math


    I love finding ways to teach my children without being “teachy.” Sounds crazy, but it sure does make learning a bit more fun and a lot less “stuffy.” Here are a few ideas that use trees to teach math at the  preschool/kindergarten level. 1. Go for a walk and gather pinecones, acorns, leaves, or nuts. […]

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  • Bubble Science for Preschoolers


    Making bubbles uses a scientific process, and can be a simple way to introduce preschool children to scientific investigation and exploration. I love preschool science! 1)     Begin by making a bubble solution.  ¼ c liquid dish soap ½ c water 1 tsp sugar Ask the children questions about how the solution feels and how it looks. […]

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  • Top Tips for Teaching Math To Young Children

    love for math

    Giving our children a solid foundation in math should be a homeschool mom’s priority. With the US falling more behind each year in this area, the demand for mathematically based jobs is increasing. I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy to mention early learning and math careers in the same paragraph. Yet, I don’t want […]

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  • Teaching Preschool Science

    Teaching a preschooler is so much fun… well if you love wiggles, silly faces, and lots of questions! But it’s those questions that make it all worthwhile. The preschooler is a natural learner. They enjoy finding out what they can about their environment. Just think, in the few short years that they have been alive, […]