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  • My Homeschool Game Plan in 5!

    So, it’s officially “Back to Homeschool!”  And, we’ve been having a great time – how about you? We have really swapped things up this year, and have tried a totally new combination. It’s been working great, but we are definitely taking some time to get into new habits. So, in a nutshell here’s our Fall 2016. 10th […]

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  • Get Through College Debt Free

    momschool - debt free

    Yep… it’s tough. Most think it’s pretty near impossible, but there are a few things that you can encourage your graduates to do to make it through without a mountain of debt. Take the SAT/ACT till you get a qualifying score. Yep – I know, it sounds daunting but it can be done. Be sure to […]

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  • 10 Ways to Instill a Love for Learning

    Momschool way to instill (1)

    Don’t you wish that just once you might hear a child say, “I really really want to learn about that!” My children and the children that I’ve taught over the years will often get interested in learning something once it’s been presented or once I’ve piqued their interest with a cliffhanger. Yet, to just request […]

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  • Why Do I Homeschool?

    When we first began this homeschooling journey over 15 years ago, there were alot of people who were unhappy with our choice. As a family completely involved in a private school (principal and a teacher) to pull our children and bring them home was huge, even our pastor gave us a little grief. Fast forward […]

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  • Let me introduce myself… and my family!


    Over the past two years, we’ve been sharing a wealth of information about homeschooling here at MomSCHOOL. I appreciate the comments that you have made and hope that I have been able to answer your questions! I like to think of all of you as my online friends. So, just between friends… I’d like to introduce […]

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  • Interested in journalism?

    College Prep

    Is your homeschooler interested in journalism? Patrick Henry College has a journalism scholarship available right now in that field. I’m sure most of you know that Patrick Henry College is made up of mostly homeschoolers. So, this college is very homeschool friendly. If your student has leanings in the journalistic direction… encourage them to apply! […]

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  • It’s so scary… Preparing for college

    homeschool high school

    I have to admit, as I am trying to help my oldest daughter prepare for college…I’m scared. I worry that what I’ve taught her over the years in ourhomeschool, just might not be enough. I also worry that I am missing a vital step somewhere. I’m sure it might all be because she is the […]

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  • Top Tips for Teaching Math To Young Children

    love for math

    Giving our children a solid foundation in math should be a homeschool mom’s priority. With the US falling more behind each year in this area, the demand for mathematically based jobs is increasing. I know, you’re probably thinking I’m crazy to mention early learning and math careers in the same paragraph. Yet, I don’t want […]

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  • What do you fear the most???


      For a homeschooling parent… that just might be high school subjects!! I have often hear how many homeschoolers are terrified of just not being able to teach their high schoolers the advanced courses that they need. Really, there is no need to fret. The advanced courses that our homeschooling high schoolers need to take […]

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  • Preparing Your Child for High School

    homeschool english

    As a homeschooler, I ahve to plan and prepare for my child’s education. Arriving at the high school years is no different. Getting your child prepared and ready to enter that threshold is important and does take an investment of time. When your student enters Junior High School that is an opportune time to start […]