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  • 15 Summers, and this is what I’ve learned…

    So, I’ve had children in school for over 15 years now… and every summer the same question arises. What to do during the summer? I have to admit more information is out now about summer learning loss then there was back 15 years ago (when we walked to school barefoot through 10 ft of snow – […]

  • crafts
  • Simple Crafts for Kids


    I don’t know about you, but I really hate to hear the “B” word. It’s a terrible word, full of despair and desperation. However, if used at our house… the consequences are many! So, if anyone decides they are truly bored, I’ll gladly and swiftly help them out of that situation. In order to have […]

  • Curriculum
  • Homeschooling First Grade


    The first few years of schooling are my favorite to teach…how about you? Don’t you just love watching their faces light up when they get a new concept… it’s so worth it! So, we’ve been through first grade 5 times now… it’s an exciting year of learning with loads of interesting concepts and fun learning. […]