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  • Let’s Get Started – Homeschooling Pre-K

    homeschool preschool

    I’ve never been a proponent of serious schooling at the PreK level. I believe at this age the child learns so much by playing, mimicking, and using their imagination. To push schooling would be a disservice to the child. However, with that being said some children are ready to get learning at this age and […]

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  • Homeschool Grammar… this is too much fun!

    homeschool grammar

    We’ve been studying the parts of speech with our fourth grader. She’s coming along, but some things are just not sticking. So, today – to help add that extra memorable detail to what I’ve taught her we reviewed our Parts of Speech with the School House Rock videos. I loved these as a kid, and […]

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  • How do I begin homeschooling?

    The best place to start when considering homeschooling, is to check out your state’s homeschool laws. Each state has different laws concerning homeschoolers. To be honest, most states are really quite homeschool friendly… but there are a few that can really put a homeschool family through the ringer! Of course, my first stop when helping […]

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  • Does your Education FIT?


    For most of us, there was something about typical education that just didn’t fit. For whatever reason, we felt that we needed something different for our children’s education. Education is all about a good fit. Like a pair of shoes that may be too tight – you want to get out of those as quickly […]

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  • Competition – Healthy or Harmful?

    Most of us are probably wondering the same thing… where does the idea of competition come from? and is it healthy for our children? Competition is definitely not a contemporary idea. In fact, the downplay of competition in schools across America is rising. Many educators believe that competition is harmful and damaging to the young […]

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  • National Young Reader’s Week

    Did you know that this week is National Young Reader’s Week? It sure is- and it’s a great time to focus your homeschooling on your young readers. In honor of that – the Pizza Hut Book It program has been posting free books for your kiddos to read. Here is today’s Book IT story.

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  • Using the Video Project in Homeschooling

    Video projects can be a huge way to cultivate an interest in the arts for your child. There are lots of reasons to try video projects in the homeschool. 1) This is a creative endeavor and your child will have to reach deep for ideas 2) Students spend so much time on electronic media each […]

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  • Homeschool Achievement Testing


    For years, testing has been a great concern for many homeschoolers. In our state, Georgia, standardized testing is required every three years. If you are not part of a co-op that gives these tests, then you are faced with finding an organization or school that will let you test with them. Sometimes that is a […]

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  • Great List of Amazing Homeschool Organization Resources

    Yes, one of my big hangups is definitely organization. I LOVE.LOVE to be organized and to have a clean house. Do I always get what I love? No. Way. With six kiddos I’m happy if I get clean and organized on occasion – or at least one or the other… some is better than nothing! […]