• Curriculum
  • Review of Science4Us and Time4Learning


    We’ve been homeschooling for (what seems like) a million years. LOL! Not really, but it’s been over 11. All of those years have been homeschooling 5 or more kiddos at once. If any of you are in that same boat, you know that it isn’t easy to get it all done without working smarter!  One […]

  • Curriculum
  • Homeschooling First Grade


    The first few years of schooling are my favorite to teach…how about you? Don’t you just love watching their faces light up when they get a new concept… it’s so worth it! So, we’ve been through first grade 5 times now… it’s an exciting year of learning with loads of interesting concepts and fun learning. […]

  • First Grade
  • Using Block Scheduling for Homeschool


    When I was going to college block scheduling was the “fad” way to schedule your teaching day. After 7 years of homeschooling, I really quite forgot about it until this year. I was reflecting on the pros and cons of our homeschool adventures from last year, and KNEW I needed to do something to help keep […]