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  • Let’s Get Started – Homeschooling Pre-K

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    I’ve never been a proponent of serious schooling at the PreK level. I believe at this age the child learns so much by playing, mimicking, and using their imagination. To push schooling would be a disservice to the child. However, with that being said some children are ready to get learning at this age and […]

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  • Creative ways to Celebrate Pi Day

    Sure, you’ve met him before… that innocent little number that is used by so many mathematicians. For the most part, he lives a fairly uncelebrated life… but not this year. This March the numbers work out just right so that our dear friend Pi is recognized in number on March 14 – in fact – 3/14/15 […]

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  • The Power of Praise


    In my days as a private school administrator, I cannot guess how many times I heard parents tell me that their child was gifted and they thought… once enrolled, the child would simply need to be advanced a grade. It is funny, but most of those children were just good, healthy, “normal”, yet wonderful children. […]

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  • New Year’s Eve Celebrations for Kids

    I know celebrating the New Year isn’t always a kid friendly situation. As a parent of six, I’m always looking for kid-friendly options to ringing in the New Year. At our house we definitely feel that the holiday is best when we celebrate it together. We don’t particularly enjoy leaving the kids out of the […]

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  • Using the Video Project in Homeschooling

    Video projects can be a huge way to cultivate an interest in the arts for your child. There are lots of reasons to try video projects in the homeschool. 1) This is a creative endeavor and your child will have to reach deep for ideas 2) Students spend so much time on electronic media each […]

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  • Great List of Amazing Homeschool Organization Resources

    Yes, one of my big hangups is definitely organization. I LOVE.LOVE to be organized and to have a clean house. Do I always get what I love? No. Way. With six kiddos I’m happy if I get clean and organized on occasion – or at least one or the other… some is better than nothing! […]

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  • Carnival of Homeschool – The Ages and Stages Edition

    These are the magic years…everything is new and exciting. Making the most of creativity and firsts… it’s an amazing part of life that is the foundation for lifelong learning. Introducing our youngest children to learning in a way that is fun and exciting gives them a beginning we will never regret. With that said, let’s […]

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  • Homeschool Housewives With Attitude?

    It’s typically that time of year when many homeschoolers start rethinking and reviewing their homeschool experiences and begin planning the new homeschool year. I typically try to turn a critical eye on all that transpired in the last year. Sometimes it’s pretty and sometimes it isn’t. It seems like there is always something that needs […]

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  • Common Core – The Truth from a Homeschool Perspective

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    I recently read the article The Truth about Common Core in the Guardian. I loved the fact that they presented several different views of the common core. However, since I homeschool the one on homeschooling really seemed to stand out to me. What is your opinion about the Common Core? The view from home-school By […]