Bubble Science for Preschoolers


bubbles1Making bubbles uses a scientific process, and can be a simple way to introduce preschool children to scientific investigation and exploration. I love preschool science!

1)     Begin by making a bubble solution.

  1.  ¼ c liquid dish soap
  2. ½ c water
  3. 1 tsp sugar
  • Ask the children questions about how the solution feels and how it looks.
  • Have objects available to make bubbles with (chenille stems, six pack holders, funnels, open ended tin cans, plastic straws)
  • Ask preschoolers questions about which tools made the best bubbles
  • Touch a bubble with a wet finger and then touch one with a dry finger… what happens?
  • Write down your preschooler’s discoveries and talk about them later

2)     Sing Pop! Goes the Bubble ( to the tune of Pop! Goes the Weasel)

Soap and water can be mixed.

To make a bubble solution

Carefully blow,

Now, watch it go!

Pop! Goes the bubble!

3)     Make a favorite bubble gum chart. Use empty wrappers on the left side to represent the types and then draw bars for each vote from your preschool children.

4)     Make a bubbly beverage-

6 oz frozen OJ

6 oz frozen limeade

6 oz frozen lemonade

6 oz frozen pineapple

1L lemon-lime soda

1L club soda

5)     Take a bubble bath – don’t you love homeschooling?! :0)

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