Book Review: High School Prep Genius

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High School Prep Genius an Academic Guide to Excellence by Jean and Judah Burk is a beneficial tool for any parent with a  student entering high school. In fact, this book really took me by surprise! I was blown away by how MUCH material was here.  Each chapter is full of amazing content and tools to help safely and successfully navigate high school with a view to your child’s future success.

What’s it all about?

Covering not only academic success this book addresses personal success as well. Using innovative methods to encourage the student to find personal areas of interest that will enable lifelong benefits. I really appreciated how this book took a step by step approach to providing everything a student needs to be successful in life.

For those homeschool families who haven’t had experience with high school yet, this would be an invaluable resource to obtain. With clear delineation of high school requirements as well as suggested courses of study, this book makes mapping out your high school plan easy. High School Prep Genius also addresses each grade of high school individually coaching the student on specific milestone goals that should be accomplished by month.

What are the pros?

As a parent I loved the way this book really encouraged  parent/student teamwork. Truly a successful high schooler is in league with his/her parents to make the most of those four years. Another indispensable aspect of the High School Prep Genius is the plethora of copiable templates and documents to help record your high schooler’s accomplishments. I would dare say, anything… and I mean anything… that you would need to track your high school progress is contained within these pages!

In addition to helping the student navigate high school waters, there are sections with an abundance of instruction on how to manage career choices, choosing a college, and creating life goals. This is truly a comprehensive look at making the transition to adult life.

What are the cons?

Well, to be honest there really weren’t that many cons. I think this book is well written and very practical. It takes into account a wide variety of students. My only thought is that they could have addressed homeschoolers in a little more depth.

Disclaimer: I received this book free in exchange for a candid review.

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  1. Thank you so much for your review of our book-I really appreciate it!

    I am also thankful for your suggestions on improving and we will certainly take those into consideration when we update the book.

    Jean Burk

  2. That addrseses several of my concerns actually.

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