Battling Test Anxiety

test anxiety, homeschoolingUpset stomach, sweaty palms, shakiness, insomnia, feeling faint, stiff muscles, and… failure. These are the common symptoms of test anxiety. For reasons unknown to many, children across all cultures, sex, and age suffer from this issue. For some, these issues can be extremely detrimental – even resulting in failure. The difficult part of it all is that it isn’t a specified disability, and it is quite a surmounting task to get a teacher or educational official to believe your child has these issues.

Here are a few tips to doing away with test anxiety…

1. Don’t allow your grades to be a measure of yourself. Realize that your worth is independent from a letter of the alphabet.

2. Work on memory skills – use nmenonics (no that’s not a dirty word). It simply means to use devices to help you remember things – whether it is pictures or silly sayings. Use what works!

3. Work on study skills – everyone needs to learn the proper way to study. For each person that way may be different. So, it’s very important to understand what enables you to assimilate knowledge. For many people writing is a way of study, for others repeating things outloud, still others use flashcards. Find your niche!

4. Of course… BEGIN STUDYING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Never wait to the last minute to study. This will definitely make you feel more confident and prepared.

5. Stay positive… a negative attitude is detrimental to any effort. When your mind begins to drift to negative thoughts, stop yourself and say something positive.

6. Stay focused, don’t allow distractions to get you nervous. Don’t pay attention to the others around you that are taking the test, and don’t get frustrated if everyone finishes first. Just focus on your test. If you find it difficult to focus – don’t think – write. When you read a test question write your answers down as soon as possible.

7. Eat healthy and lite before a test. I also swear by bananas as a brain food!

8. Don’t use caffeinated energy drinks or medications to keep you awake studying the night before. Caffeine is actually a stress inducer. Instead,

9. Drink a tall glass of water and go to bed early!

10. Dress and make yourself as comfortable as possible on the day of the test. Wear comfortable shoes, for girls, tie your hair back… whatever it takes to enable you to have complete focus on that test!

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  1. Janet says: Reply

    Thanks, Jamie, for sharing. Two of my kids really don’t do well testing. I’ve tried telling them that it’s just a measure of what they’ve learned and to help me know what we need to review. If they don’t do well, we just review the lesson again and take the test again. Of course, we cannot do that with our end-of-the-year test, but they’ve done really well each year. And in our state we don’t need to send test scores, only a letter signed by the certified teacher who tested them indicating they have progressed from the previous year.

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