Another… day in the life… of a homeschooling family.

Another insane day to add to the anals of Gaddy history…

Today was the day that the man from the phone company was due to fix the telephone and internet. He was not only going to be working outside, but he would also be inside in our living room. Since that is the official “hang out” of the Gaddy family, it was badly in need of cleaning. So, thus began my day, cleaning the remnants of six children out of the carpet and off the walls of the living room. Just a few minutes before he was expected to arrive I jumped in the shower. Of course, the phone rings… (isn’t that predictable?) I hurried and dressed knowing the man was on his way, then I glanced at the clock… and it also just happened to be time for my Monday tutoring student to arrive. Just like clock work, the phone technician arrived amid the banter of two large, loud (but loving) canines. I barely had them locked in the schoolroom before my student knocked at the door. By this time, the house was pretty chaotic, and the children were follwoing the phone tech’s every move- laughing and giggling from behind the nearest corner. I sent them to their rooms to finish math (right!) and went to tutor. It wasn’t long before I heard the innocent little tinkle of a child pottying with the door open…which in our old and wood walled house – echoed loudly throughout… ah well… my apologies to the newly married phone tech and high school student who now may never want children.

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