Am I qualified to teach my Children?

momschool am i qualified

momschool am i qualifiedAre you wanting to homeschool but just doubting if you have what it takes? Perhaps you’re worried because you didn’t do so well in school yourself. Teaching is not an exacting science. In fact, the best teachers are the ones with a heart to teach. Research has clearly shown that there is no direct correlation betweent eacher certification and student achievement. As a principal of a private school for many years I witnessed this first hand. Many of our teachers went to Christian college and were not “certifiable” by state standards. yet, each year our school standardized tests showed our students were achieveing on average one totwo grade levels above the public school norm.

When you homeschool, you are schooling your own children. you have a personal stake in what is being learned. This motivation tends to keep homeschooling parents on their toes. Most homeschooling parents that I know are constantly looking for ways to better their homeschool experience, learning different methods, and finding different strategies to become better teachers.

Homeschooling is done from the heart. Though many homeschools have different levels of success, the foundational principle rests on the mom’s attitude. Does she enjoy homeschooling? Is she able to portray a positive attitude about schooling to her children? Is she able to exhibit Christian character as she goes about the duty of homeschooling? More is learned through a happy contented homeschool approach than by a stressed out experience.

Joining a homeschool group of some sort really enables the homeschooling parents to feel connected. Without being part of a support network, homeschooling can often make you feel isolated or disconnected with the world. (In some sense this is a good thing!) Yet, joining with others who share your vision and share your burden can bring encouragement and inspiration to your life. Seeing others victoriously make it through homeschooling trials can encourage you to press on in tough times as well.

Making sure that you begin homeschooling with a heart to do it, dilligently researching and making an effort to better your homeschool and yourself as much as possible, and connecting with others who homeschool can help give you the confidence to see that there is no one else more qualified than you to teach YOUR child!

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