A Mad Rush for High Scores?

Do you have a high schooler? Do you feel like you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see what they will score on their SAT/ACT tests? It is a sad fact, but most high schoolers experience anxiety and even worry to the extent that they don’t enjoy their final year of school. Most colleges and universities have put such high stakes on these tests that students feel intense pressure to get high scores. The fact that most colleges and universities base their scholarships on these scores and coupled with the fact that most young people can’t afford college tuition without scholarships – really makes for alot of anxiety. There are many people working on a way to fix this problem, in fact, they have pushed the colleges to look more at the students grades from their entire high school experience instead of only at the “BIG” test. Until this can be improved, we are stuck with the fact that if college is the plan… a minimum ACT/SAT score will have to be achieved. To help your child reach their goals without anxiety… help prepare them with a few simple strategies.

1) Prepare far in advance. Don’t wait until a month before the test to begin looking at vocabulary words, essay prompts, and grammar/sentence structure questions.

2) Practice by taking “practice” tests every month.

3) Practice by writing timed essays.

4) Review vocabulary each week.

5) Read extensively. Read. Read and Read some more!

Typically, a well read young person will do well on standardized tests. So, read – 🙂 Granted doing each of these things will not take away the worry, but it will allow your high schooler to feel confident that they can handle these intense tests.

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