8 Ways to Make Back to School Easy Peasy!

Make Back to School Easy

It’s always tough trying to find your routine. Every year when we start back to school, it’s always a little rocky for the first few weeks. But, since most of us are creatures of habit once those new things become habit everything goes a bit more smooth.

Everyone has “their way” of doing things, and after homeschooling for so many years you know I have my way too! I have a little routine I put in place each year, and it seems to work for me and our crew.

  1. Organize your schoolroom for maximum efficiency.
  2. Wake up a little earlier on school days. Just 15 minutes can make a big difference.
  3. Create check sheets for your kiddos. Since I have so many that I’m schooling at once, it’s easiest for me to give them each a daily/weekly check sheet that they complete. This way I’m not answering the “what do I do next” question 40 times a day! I even include their homeschool curriculum, reading, online practice, and online spelling assignments. (I also create myself a daily check sheet for both online homeschool, work, and household tasks!)
  4. Plan ahead. Things really go smooth when you’ve got those check sheets ready to go, when each of the kiddos has all the supplies they need, and when the school room is organized efficiently. All green lights make for a pretty smooth flowing day… that is until they get that new concept in math (oh, no)!!!
  5. Stick to a daily plan. The check sheets that you create for your kiddos can help to guide this. But, doing the same thing each day does help things flow smoothly. Most children seem to learn well within a predictable day. But, plan your day in an order that works well for you. If math is tough, you may want to tackle it first and get it over with while everyone is fresh.
  6. Plan extracurricular activities. Put those in your kiddos check sheets as well. If everything is part of the master plan, it seems a little easier!
  7. Make sleep a priority. Everyone needs about 8 hours of sleep. Make the kiddos go to bed so they can get at least that or more, and don’t forget yourself. You need your rest… even though it’s tempting to binge watch BBC shows get your sleep!
  8. Don’t get on social media while you are working! Yeah, so that one is tough for me… my work includes dealing with social media. It’s nice to know what Aunt Sue is doing, but it can become a SERIOUS time suck. Just avoid it like the plague. The same goes for email. Limit yourself to 5-10 minutes of inbox clearing time. You’ll feel like you’ve created time in your day.
  9. Before you head off to bed, take about 5 minutes to plan the next day. This always helps me so much… I remember appointments, important meetings, and even your children’s events. It always helps to know what the next day holds!
  10. Focus! I think this is another difficult one for me. I have my check list – my calendar – everything planned out… but then one of the kids has a terrible day understanding a new concept or work blows up and a web site is down. It’s life – it happens. But, I find it difficult to get back on track. Whatever it takes for you to stay focused… (if you figure out something awesome – please share it with me!)
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