7 Steps to Making Great Homeschool Writers

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I love the freshness that a new year brings! I love the feeling that I have a clean page… and can start anew. In review of what we had done in our homeschool last year I felt that we were really lacking in the area of creative writing. I felt that my kids needed a greater challenge this spring, and that is exactly what I hope to do. So, today I’m just gonna take a minute to share my plans for integrating a better fostering of creative writing.

Here are a few of my New Year’s plans for writing at our house…

1) Write more frequently. Like any skill, it only gets better with practice.

2) Use creative writing prompts like these.

3) Purchase special paper – colorful, bordered, or make your own… to make your child’s writing experience a little more exciting. You can print your own here.

4) Do pre reading activities. Read a story, or talk about something that interests them, and then have them tell you what they think orally. For older kids, have them go write it down.

5) Sign your children up for an online writing course. You can take a couple minutes to watch a tutorial of what is taught on Time4Writing. This is a good solid way to give your kids foundational writing skills.

6) Give your older elementary children the essential essay writing format. Review it frequently and write at least one essay per week. I started doing this just a little when mine were in fifth grade. This year, they are sixth graders and we are trying to incorporate essay writing frequently into our daily schedule. I’ve also just

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purchased “Don’t forget to Write.” We are hoping that this will boost our resolution to write more and better this year.

7) Every good writer must be a reader! Encourage your children to read, read, read!

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  1. Thanks for the great tips about writing! I am always looking for new tips and ideas for getting kids to write, and enjoy it!

    I saw where you mentioned Time4Writing. I love their free resources! Might be time to check out their courses.


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